Subnautica below zero

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to express my excitement for subnautica below zero! I was introduced to the first subnautica by a coworker and instantly became obsessed with it!

Not only did the storyline keep me interested (and the environment kept me terrified) but simply it’s a beautiful game.

Now the next installment is out for early access but I’m waiting for the full release which, I believe, is going to be late may. I have been waiting since the end of last year and I’ve been resisting watching gameplay of it.

I did initially watch gameplay from jacksepticeye but stopped after the game was majorly updated and the story changed so I’d be experiencing it for the first time when I play it. I didn’t have this chance with the first game because I watched a full playthrough trying to decide if it was something I would like, I absolutely do love this game.

If you haven’t played it, I highly recommend doing so and especially before below zero comes out!

On a side note, I haven’t forgotten about resin but I do live with the person that my current project is for and we work at the same place so getting time to work on it has been tough lately but as soon as I do I will let you know! I think I may have figured out a solution to the key caps not fitting on the keyboard, but more of that later!

I hope everyone is doing well and thank you all so much for your support!!

Happy easter!!

Hello dearies!! This is going to be a short post but I just wanted to wish everyone a happy easter and also make an announcement!

We have reached 50 followers!!!! I just want to say thank you so much to everyone!! I’m honestly so surprised and hope we keep building!

That’s all for now but we’ll talk again soon!!

Thank you again and goodnight!

Quick resin update

Hello everyone! I just wanted to give a quick update on the resin keycaps!

They have been turning out better but the button isn’t lining up to fit onto the base.

My next attempt I’m going to fill the molds and weigh the backs down so hopefully the backing will be more prominent. I will post pictures once I try this!

Thank you and have a great night!


Good morning everyone!! I apologize for the delay in posts. I’ve had some personal issues lately but I’m feeling better now.

I am hoping to start progress on the resin keycaps again and hopefully it will go better than it has been!! I will post pictures of that as it progresses.

I hope you’re all doing well!! I am also hoping to post new content but not exactly sure on what yet. If you have anything you’d like to hear about let me know in the comments!

So glad it’s warmer this week, even if it’s supposed to cool down next week. Try to enjoy it!!

I will try to post again later tonight with hopefully more exciting content. Have a great day!

Good morning!

Happy Friday everyone!!

I’m so excited for this weekend but it’s a little chilly out so I just thought I’d share this short poem I wrote this morning and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Cold winter air
Pours through the streets,
Like this vodka,
Pours into this glass.
Cold, biting,bitter,
Numbing everything it touches.
But you smile at me,
Not seeing the war inside,
And it’s warmth,
Cuts through to my soul,
Reminding me of the good things.

Petition update!!

I just wanted to update everyone really quick about the petition because we’re soooo close to the next goal!! We’re at 86 supporters! Please feel free to share this and even share it on your social media! And thank you everyone for the support!

Resin update! (Finally)

Hello everyone and thank you for being so patient with me!

I know I’ve talked and my resin keycaps project but in this post I wanted to tell you about the project I’ve been working on lately!

The keycaps are for my best friends birthday which is in June. My boyfriend’s birthday is this month! So I decided I wanted to make him some resin trays for his birthday to keep his controllers on or organize his desk, etc. I did one and there ended up being a hole in it because I forgot our kitchen isn’t level and the resin moved to one side. It also had a lot of streaks. So today I got my Amazon order of glow in the dark pigments and decided to try again so I’ll post the pictures below! It’s not cured yet but this is of my setup and mold etc. Thank you for reading!!

Petition gaining!

I just wanted to post a quick update about the mr.potato head petition! We are up to 30 signatures which is already more than I thought I’d get. Please sign if you haven’t and please consider sharing!!

I want it stated I agree with gender equality and civil rights but I don’t agree with cancel culture and getting so ridiculous where we’re censoring children’s toys!

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