Therapy vs. Medication?

Hello everyone!

This is continuing off my last post about mental health and patience. I have been struggling with depression and anxiety and just mental health issues for a long time now. I’m not officially diagnosed with anything because I haven’t been to see a therapist but this is my opinion.

I’ve been contemplating recently if therapy or medication would be more helpful in my situation.

On the one hand medication is definitely cheaper than therapy especially depending on how many sessions I would need. On the other hand, while my doctor can prescribe that kind of medicine, without a diagnostic from a licensed therapist can I really be sure that the medicine I’ll be taking will help? Or should I assume I’d need medication specific to me and my issues?

If you’d like to offer advice you may in the comments. I’m basically trying to just organize my thoughts out loud in a way and try to figure out what to do. Thank you for reading and I should be back with more resin progress soon!

Mental health and patience

Hey everyone!!

I know I haven’t been posting regularly and I do apologize. I want to talk about something that may be uncomfortable. Mental health.

I’m not going to go into super amounts of detail but I struggle with depression. I’ve been very stressed lately because of a new position at work and varying other factors and I’ve been trying to work through that but I’ve also been very tired mentally and physically. I just feel drained. So I will continue to post and try to be as consistent with it as I can but I ask for and thank you ahead of time for your consideration and patience.

I hope everyone is doing well and please, if you’re struggling with any kind of mental illness, don’t be afraid to ask for help. I can assure you, you’re not alone.

Thank you!

Resin update!

Hello everyone!

I have done more with the resin and while I’ve been busy to the point where I can’t post daily right now, I did want to give everyone an update.

So the project is that I bought a few keycap molds and a backlit keyboard and I’m planning to customize the keyboard with blue and orange glittery keycaps that basically depict an ocean and sky theme. I bought star and planet charms and some tiny shells to put in and everything.

The first batch I did blue and orange. I only put the backs on a couple because I planned to let the others set and then do a layer of black so you couldn’t see through the keys but when the first layer hardened I didn’t have enough room for another layer and the backs didn’t work to attach to the keyboard. They did harden super well though.

So I did another round. This time I darkened the resin and only did blue and I put backs on all of the molds. The backs came out better and I liked the color a lot better but they didn’t harden completely this time and they still don’t attach to the keyboard. I will attach some pictures and I hope to do a 3rd trial. Thank you for reading and post any tips you have!

Good morning!

Hello everyone!! I’m sorry it’s been a while again.

I was planning my next post to hopefully accompany a video of me unpacking my resin order and showing everyone and maybe starting a piece however, it’s been snowing where I live for 3 days now and besides being tired of the snow, my Amazon package got delayed so as soon as I have that you will get a post I promise!!

Thank you for your patience and stay safe!!!

New game!!

Hey everyone! Today is a little different because I haven’t discussed this game before but I’ve recently gotten really into watching people play assassin’s creed and I’d like to share this gamer with you who is currently playing assassin’s creed origins.

This game looks like so much fun and makes me want to play it! Unfortunately I’m still on the first one so it’ll be a while until I get to that point but definitely entertaining!!

Go check them out and let me know what you think!

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Hello everyone!!

So, I paint quite often but lately I’ve been getting pretty bored with it, so I’m thinking of trying resin.

One of the first projects I want to try are making custom keycaps! I want to put some glitter in them as well so hopefully it goes well, I will keep you all updated!

Unfortunately this is going to be a short post but I still wanted to post something for you guys! If you have any suggestions for what I can make with resin let me know! Thank you!

Good morning!

Hello everyone!

I decided to do an early morning post and then I’ll post later as well to try to make up for slacking lately.

Today’s gamer is a little different than what I normally post, since I usually post gamers just starting and I mainly watch subnautica and hearthstone.

This gamer has millions of followers and a very well established channel and streams mainly fortnite.

My main reason for talking about them today is the sheer amount of time this gamer puts into streaming. I get twitch notifications every day, sometimes several times a day, that this gamer is streaming and their dedication just astounds me so please go check them out!

Also if you have any suggestions for who I should watch or if you have a channel you’d like me to feature, let me know!!

Later we’ll be talking about art, hobbies, and maybe another gamer. Thank you and have a great day!!

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